Et si les vélos légers n'étaient pas réservés aux adultes? Ce petit vélo passe partout en Aluminium fait partie des plus légers de sa catégorie. Il a été conçu pour que les petits gabarits prennent facilement leurs marques à son guidon.

Points importants

Most youth bikes are constructed with heavier frames and materials, but we designed the all-new ARX to be lighter, quicker, and more fun for young riders. Fact is, smaller riders can benefit even more from a lighter bike. With its ALUXX aluminum frame and fork, ARX is the lightest bike in its category—which makes it more fun to ride. The frame features a lower bottom bracket for a lower center of gravity and added stability. It comes in three different wheel size choices for different heights, and has versatile tires that can handle rough roads, paths and even some dirt. The frame is fitted with lightweight components that are sized specifically for young riders, including cranksets and cockpit components for a perfect fit.

2020 ARX 16/20 with interactive tooltips


Aluminium ALUXX